1. Kassie | San Diego 

  2. Rachel in Cali 

  3. Rachel in Cali 

  4. mikelernerphotography:

    Ali and I started shooting at dawn in Fishtown for our collaboration with clothing brand JI OH. Thanks to FOHR Card for the introduction.

    (by Mike Lerner)

    I’ve only posted my own work here. But mikelernerphotography is such a killer I just had to reblog this set. 

  5. Woke up at 7am to shoot an early morning idea with Irania. 

    But, the sun beat us to the punch. So instead of going home, we fought through the heat and got some killer images. 

  6. Irania (e-ron-eyah)

  7. Rachel

  11. observeandcreateco:

    Leave what’s familiar 

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  13. Was given the opportunity to take a few photos for this man’s upcoming album. I’d say it was a successful day.
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  14. Photographer struggle #3586087…


    Being shorter than your models and seriously considering investing in a step stool.

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  15. I did lifestyle things yesterday. I love working with actual models!